Why We Love Living in California!


After living all over the country– seriously all over– the Northeast, the West Coast, the South, the middle-of-nowhere Oklahoma– it’s official. We love California the best! About 5 years ago, the first time I ever visited California, I decided then and there that someday I would live here. Never did I ever imagine this would… 

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Adventures on Oahu


Ok, so where did I leave off with our Hawaii trip? We spent 3 awesome nights on the island of Kauai, which you can read about here. Then we hopped on a plane and headed over to Oahu. We jumped in a shuttle and took a long ride, through rush hour traffic, to our hotel… 

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Adventures on Kauai


It’s been over a week now since we’ve been back from Hawaii, but I’m only now just making it back to my computer. We’ve been busy moving in to our new house!! More on that to come… first, Hawaii. Our belated honeymoon to Hawaii was planned super last-minute, thanks to our crazy move and ER… 

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Trials and Tribulations


Hi long lost friends and readers! Thanks for sticking with me and still stopping by even though lately I have been a terrible, terrible blogger! Of course you all know we had a super quick move across the country. Since then we’ve had a seemingly endless string of bad luck, which has resulted in a… 

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Road Trippin’


My furry little copilot and I made it to Dallas last night, and Gallup, New Mexico tonight. She’s been a trooper! Then again, all she has to do is sleep… I’m the one who has to do the driving! If you want to hear about the rest of my trip, be sure to follow me… 

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Jess Fuel: The App

Flying on Jess Fuel: The App

Flying on Jess Fuel is now an app! Thanks to my nerdy hubby who has recently picked up a new hobby… Apple programming! He has worked long and hard and finally the Jess Fuel app is available in the App Store!     The app runs on iOS 6 and works on all iPhones and… 

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