Homemade Sun-Dried Cherry Tomatoes

Tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes. I have tomatoes coming out my ears! More tomatoes than we can eat, give away and make into sauce for the freezer. So I thought… how else can I preserve these summer beauties?

Homemade Sun-Dried Tomatoes in the dehydrator

How about drying them out?!

We have a dehydrator for making jerky when Nick is on a hunting kick, but I’ve never dried anything but meat in it. I keep wanting to try dried fruit, but then never get around to it. Sun-dried tomatoes were my first experiment! (Tomatoes technically are a fruit, after all.)

The tomatoes took a lot longer than I thought they would, but they were totally worth the wait. They are so flavorful and delicious. They’re like little tomato raisins and I’ve been popping them like candy. Though they are great on their own, I can’t wait to try them in a recipe!

I used cherry tomatoes because I had soooo many of them and they aren’t good for making sauce– but you could pretty much use any kind of tomato here. If I used something bigger, I would probably de-seed them.

How to Make Homemade Sun-Dried Cherry Tomatoes

  • ~3 cups cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp Italian Seasoning (or a mix of your favorite dried herbs: basil, oregano, sage, etc)

In a large bowl, toss halved cherry tomatoes with olive oil, salt and herbs.

Homemade Sun-Dried Cherry Tomatoes

Place cherry tomatoes cut-side up on the racks of your dehydrator.

Homemade Sun-Dried Tomatoes in the dehydrator

Turn on the dehydrator (mine does not have heat settings, but if yours does, set it to 135-140 degrees). Depending on the temperature and efficiency of your dehydrator and the water content of your tomatoes, it make take 6 to 12 hours to completely dry your tomatoes. Flip the tomatoes after 5 hours and continue checking them every couple hours after that. Leave the tomatoes in the dehydrator until they are completely dry.

Homemade Sun-Dried Cherry Tomatoes

Now it’s time to eat them! Enjoy as is, sprinkled on salads, tossed in pastas, blitzed into pesto… the possibilities are endless!

What’s your favorite way to eat sun-dried tomatoes? Any recipe suggestions for me? Have you ever made dried fruits or veggies?

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    • says

      Last year I added a fish head, aspirin, egg shells, epsom salt, and hair into a 3 foot hole then added a foot of soil over that and then added my plants. WOW…they reached 15 feet tall. You want to bury your tomato plant up to its top set of leaves. My plants were around a foot tall at the time of transplant. Remember to NOT over water.

      One magic mountain plant gave me over 300 tomatoes.

      We have also done straw bale gardening for the last 2 years and that is AMAZING!

      Good luck.


      • jessfuel says

        Wow, that sound’s like a crazy witch’s brew!! :) I have definitely heard egg shells and asprin before… I will have to try that next year!

  1. says

    i’ve never thought of making my own sun-dried tomatoes before.. i definitely will stop being lazy by using store bought tomatoes and take the time to make my own instead. thanks for sharing a great recipe + for the inspiration!

  2. says

    This is such a great idea! I’ve got to get myself a dehydrator. My sister has a fig tree, and this time of year she has SO many figs she can’t go thru them fast enough. So she dehydrates them and they’re so yummy in salads or with cheese. Why did I never think to do the same with tomatoes? Duh!

    PS – I want to know more about you making your own jerky! The next time Nick goes hunting, you must do a post in it!

    • jessfuel says

      Ahhhh so jealous of figs!! Fresh figs are my fave!

      The jerky was fun to make!! I’ll definitely have to post a tutorial next time we make it! :)

  3. says

    I’m so jealous of all your tomatoes! I have three plants and they are making just enough for me to make salads with, but not much more. I love sun dried cherry tomatoes, but they are always so expensive! I bought a food dehydrater last year, but still haven’t used it yet. I might just have to go and buy a bunch of cherry tomatoes just so I can make these sun dried tomatoes!

  4. says

    Oh cool!! We have a dehydrator for jerky too but only my husband uses it. I love this idea for tomatoes! I never use sun dried tomatoes, what are you going to put them in? Like salads and pasta? I want to know more! :)

    • jessfuel says

      Definitely in pasta… I’ve been keeping my eye out for a good recipe. I’ve seen a lot of sun-dried tomato pestos, so I was thinking about that too!

  5. says

    These sun dried tomatoes look awesome! My favorite meatloaf recipe has sun dried tomatoes and you’re making me wish I had some on hand. They add such such a unique flavor! I’m also wishing I had a dehydrator!


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