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Another week, come and gone. Nick was “working” in Austin, Texas and I was home alone for half the week, so it went by pretty quickly. I had a long list of things I was going to get done (wedding Thank-You’s included) and of course, none of it happened. Whoops.

Monday: Remember those sausages I mentioned in last week’s update? We grilled some more of them up for dinner. They were awesome. Now that Nick’s making his own beer AND sausage, I am thinking we need to have an Oktoberfest party?

Tuesday: I also mentioned last week that we had made a quick trip down to Pensacola. Well, we all know we can’t go there without going to the fish market. We had picked up some salmon and we cooked it up using a spice rub that Nick’s aunt recently sent us. Both the fish and the rub were amazing!

Wednesday: Nick worked late, so dinner for me was hot pockets and laundry. My laundry picture is much cuter than my hot pocket picture. Cali found a nice warm spot to sleep!

Thursday: I did my baking for yesterday’s Secret Recipe Club post: Pumpkin Streusel Muffins! Pumpkin muffins, holiday scented candles, autumn colored M&M’s and cute candy corn shaped dishes. I love fall.

Friday: Tequila and tacos! Nick was out in Austin having fun and I wasn’t going to be left out! Luckily, a bunch of our friends were headed out for margaritas and Mexican food and I gladly joined them! I did, however, refrain from the tequila shots. Blech!

Saturday: There is a Navy Ball coming up in October, and since Meridian is not exactly the hub of shopping, we took a girls’ trip to Jackson to shop for dresses. We were asked twice if we were shopping for Homecoming… talk about a self-esteem booster. While in Jackson, we had to stop at Target (sadly, there isn’t one in Meridian). Two and half hours and $150 later, my cart was full. Is it just me or does Target make the best snacks?

Sunday: Finally I got some cooking in! Here’s a sneak peek at a yummy new recipe coming this week!

Happy Tuesday! Have a grrrrrrrreat week!

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