My Week By iPhone {a day late}

I’m a day late, and I still owe you all “wedding, part two,” but I was so excited about jumping into fall, that I just couldn’t wait to post yesterday’s Cranberry White Chocolate Pumpkin Bars! I’ve been on vacation from my iPhone for a couple weeks through wedding craziness, but now I’m back in action. My sister, who recently moved halfway across the world, told me she really likes these posts, so for now they’ll be around for a while! Anyone else have any thoughts? Love them or hate them?

Monday: I love homemade spaghetti sauce, and it’d been a while (since Oklahoma) since I’d last made some. I made a big ‘ole pot and froze most of it for later use.

Tuesday: Yum! Sampling the fruits of my labor. My sauce AND homemade meatballs (which I also made a big batch of). These meatballs are one of the recipes that I make the most. Over and over and I never get sick of them. The red wine in the recipe just takes them above and beyond any other meatballs I’ve ever had!

Wednesday: We don’t often eat hot dogs, but I had a coupon for some fancy all-natural Angus dogs and the craving struck. Mine started with sauerkraut, ketchup and mustard, but ended up piled with jalapenos and banana peppers, too!

Thursday: I didn’t do any cooking today because Nick and I spent the whole day in Pensacola attending a memorial for a former classmate and friend of Nick’s who passed away recently. He will be missed by many! I found a straggler picture in my phone from the previous week, though. Nick had a Friday night watch (sit a desk all night answering the 2 or 3 calls that come in), and since I’m such a good wifey, I brought him dinner and hung out with him for a couple hours. French bread pizzas were yummy and portable! I baked them at home and they survived the 10 minute drive to the flight line just fine.

Friday: We got to put some of our wedding gifts to use! Nick was super excited to receive the meat grinder and sausage stuffer attachments for our KitchenAid mixer. He didn’t waste any time and put those suckers to use the first chance he got. He made two kinds of sausage: Apple, Cheddar and Sage Chicken Sausage, and Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Chicken Sausage. We didn’t take pictures to blog the recipes because we thought the first attempt would be a complete failure. But boy were we wrong! Both sausages came out delicious! We will definitely be making more and posting the recipes soon enough!

Saturday: A random thrown-together (but delicious) lunch. Quesadillas made with salsa, cheddar and precooked steak strips, a tomato-corn-avocado salad of sorts, and a batch of one of my favorites: Asiany Coleslaw.

Sunday: I know I’ve mentioned Nick’s random grocery store impulse purchases on here before. This time, it was a frozen duck. Quack, quack! Since my freezer is busting at the seams, and I had to make room for some of our sausages, I took this guy out to defrost. Sunday afternoon I roasted a duck. It smelled like Thanksgiving in my house all night and the clovey orange sauce it came with made me excited for Christmas!

Happy Tuesday! Have a spectacular week!

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