My Week by iPhone, Round 3

A little late, but better late than never, right?

Monday: I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator. Though I’ve had a month to make my Secret Recipe Club recipe, I waited til (almost) the last minute! Roasted Eggplant and Tomatoes with Shrimp and Feta… it was delicious!

Tuesday: Egg salad for lunch! I make mine with mustard, relish and just a dab of mayo. This is a great go-to lunch when I think I have nothing in the fridge. We always have eggs and Nick’s loves this stuff. I don’t think he likes being the stinky kid at the squadron though… and on egg salad days, he is definitely the stinky kid. 😉

Wednesday: Another baking day! Lately I’ve had a lot of reasons to bake for a crowd and I can’t complain about that! I like making fun new desserts, but hate having it all sitting in my house taunting me! This one was Lemon Cream Cheese Bars. Yum!

Thursday: My basil is going nutso. It needed to be trimmed, so I cut a huge pile and made some pesto that went in the freezer for use another day. The plants are so big, it barely looks like I touched them. To make my pesto, I get out my food processor and throw in basil, lemon juice, garlic, nuts (usually walnuts, this time almonds– pine nuts are scarce ’round these parts), Parmesan and salt & pepper. Then I give it a whirl and drizzle in olive oil while it’s spinning. I don’t measure, just add things and keep tasting. :)

Friday: Between work and a winging party for some of the Navy’s newest pilots, I forgot to take any pictures! So here’s a cute one of the beasts, in the kitchen, begging for food. Kaiser must know I am a neat freak because he’s always on the alert, ready to clean up any spilled food for me!

Saturday: Pancakes!! My favorite weekend breakfast. I used Dad’s Perfect Pancake Recipe, but subbed in some whole wheat flour and added bananas, chocolate chips and walnuts. Bacon on the side, for the meatatarian.

Sunday: Leftover pancakes, warmed in the toaster, slathered in my newest love. I found this sunflower seed butter at Trader Joe’s when we were in Nashville recently. WOW. I love love love peanut butter, but it has definitely got some competition. I can’t even describe what this stuff tastes like, but it’s amazing.

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy the week! My iPhone will probably be resting this week as I embark on wedding craziness, but I’ll be back soon!

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