Easter Krispie Treats

Happy Easter everyone! I played Easter bunny yesterday and made some cute treats to give to my little cousins today. (Oh yeah, I’m home in Massachusetts for a last minute visit!)

These treats were inspired by Love From The Oven, a super cute baking blog. You’ll need a box of rice krispie treats, frosting, red food coloring, white chocolate chips and Robin’s Eggs.

Start by cutting the rice krispie treats in half…

Adding a few drops of food coloring to the frosting to make it pink…

And chopping your Robin’s Eggs in half.

Spread one half of the krispie treats with frosting.

Add a layer of Robin’s Eggs.

Take the second half of the krispie and dip it in chocolate, melted in a double boiler.

Sandwich the two halves together, chocolate covered side down. Then spread another layer of chocolate on top of the treat, and top with more Robin’s Eggs.

How cute are these?! I drove to 4 stores, literally, trying to find Easter colored M&M’s to decorate them with, but my searches turned up empty. i guess shopping for Easter candy the day before Easter is not the best idea. As frustrating as that was, I’m actually kind of glad I didn’t find them, because I love how they look with the eggs!

My dad made a good photographer, but the best part about playing in his kitchen? The dishes magically got done before I could even blink! I think I like it here.

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